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This uses a burning herb to warm the inner body, it can be used on the handles of inserted needles Image 1, in a rolled form waved over the effected area Image 2 or within a platform Image 3.

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is based on the principle that the human body has various channels running inside it through which the life force or energy or ‘Qi’ as they call it flows. Any obstruction in this free movement can cause ailments. Moxibustion is a form of this medicine in which mugwort, a small soft herb also called “moxa” is burnt near the skin to induce the free flow of qi and promote healing. In this way, heat is used to remove infection causing agents that cause illnesses in the body. The oldest account of this healing technique is found in Bian Que Neijing, written by Bian Que, an ancient doctor in China who lived circa 500 BCE.

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